Spa pedicure: How To Do It At Home

A spa pedicure may sound more glamorous than it really is – actually, it’s very serious. Many women, however, cannot allow themselves the luxury of a weekly pedicure. If this is the case with you, then do it yourself. Chose one day during the week – maybe Thursday night or maybe Sunday evening.

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A weekly spa pedicure not only keeps your feet looking pretty and feminine, but it’s one way you take notice of little foot ailments. Did you know that the weekly spa pedicure is a must for most Parisian women? When they say beauty care from head to toe – they mean it!

Spa Pedicure – It’s So Easy

A spa pedicure shouldn’t take you more than twenty minutes. After you are on to the routine, it should take you even less time.

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The Proper Spa Pedicure

  1. Fill a basin one – quarter full of warm soapy water in which to soak your feet; place it on a large towel which you can also use to dry your feet. Sit on a low couch or chair. Use a footstool or kitchen step stool that has rubberized rungs on which to place your foot;
  2. Pour 2 table spoon of Epsom salt into that water;
  3.  Before you immerse your feet in the water, check them over for any calluses, corns or hard tissues. If you find a callus, rub it gently with a pumice stone while it’s soaking in the water. Stroke gently across the toes, sole, heel and outside of the foot with a pedicure brush. Dry, rubbing briskly.
  4. Cut the toenails straight across and not shorter than the toes themselves. Do not round the corners. Use an emery board to smooth off any rough edges. A rough nail edge causes snags in stockings.
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  6. Dip an orange stick (wrap tip in wisp of cotton) into cuticle oil (or cream, if you prefer) and gently press back the cuticles and under – nail to clean away any loose skin or dirt. Take care not to press too hard around the delicate cuticle area.
  7. Now, with a require amount of coconut oil, give your feet massage. Even if it’s a minute massage, it’s worth the time.
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  9. Make use of the pedicure brush once again. Dip your toes in the water and gently brush away oil and creams. Dry thoroughly, especially around cuticle area and between the toes.
  10. You can stop here and finish your spa pedicure off with a refreshing foot spray or a deodorant powder.
  11. At the end of the procedure, apply another coat of coconut oil over your feet and enjoy the soothing lightness of your troublesome feet!