Hydrating Hair Mask of Honey And Essential Oil

When it comes to shine or put some extra moisture in your hair, the home acquired ingredients perhaps works wonder than anything else. All the budget friendly elements within reach and easy to make could be the best treat you could ever hand to skin and hair. Put on this hydrating hair mask to add extra sheen in your tresses.

hydrating-hair-mask-of-honey-and-essential-oil-01.jpgWhat to need for the hydrating hair mask

  • 1 tablespoon full of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon.

If you have longer locks of hair, add extra amount of each ingredient as per necessity.

You need not to be an expert for making this hair mask! All you have to do is mixing the ingredients well together and make sure the cinnamon powder gets not lumpy.

Use a brush to apply the mask evenly first into the scalp and then in length. Cover the hair for thirty minutes with a shower cap before rinsing thoroughly with normal water. Try to avoid shampooing immediately after using a hair mask else it would wash away the remaining beneficiaries. Instead wash with shampoo after a day or two of applying a mask.

The prescribed hydrating hair mask can be used in oily, dry or frizzy hair or any type hair type you belong.


Honey is one of the nature’s best moisturizers but it should not be applied directly into hair because the lightening elements of honey tend to spoil the natural color of your locks if used without any other substances.

Cinnamon bestows all the shines in locks of hair with an added advantage of breezy fragrance. Olive oil is one of the best essential oils that contains anti-oxidant, Vitamin E and K as well. Vitamin E is a prerequisite for healthy hair and skin as well. To be noted extra virgin olive oil is loaded with anti-oxidant and Vitamins.