Hydrating Hair Mask From Natural Elements

Even straight, smooth locks of hair get frizzy and tangled when it lacks in moisture. Using a lot different conditioners, leave in conditioners or hair moisturizers would tilt your hair with some overnight prettiness but nothing could be as rewarding as to try an all natural hydrating hair mask.


Dry hairs are not only burden the beauty hacks or comfort of your own, dry hairs are prone to quicker damage of hair strands, leaving split ends.

Shea Butter hydrating hair mask

Shea Butter is widely popular for moisturizing effect both upon skin and hair. Extracted from Shea Karite in West Africa, this butter works per excellence for softening and hydrating hair strands from inside.


Avocado hydrating hair mask

½ medium avocado
1 table spoon olive oil
1 raw egg

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor to make a smooth paste. Don’t mix extra water in it because it will make the mixture runny. The olive oil and white of egg will provide enough water part for making paste.

Spread all over from scalp to hair ends. Massage gently with finger tips. Cover the hair loosely with shower cap or cotton piece of cloth.

Leave the musk in hair for an hour (if time permits) or at least thirty minutes or so. And don’t wash it out with shampooing in the very day. In order to retain moisture, wash with shampoo after several days.

Oil massage is crucial to keep hair hydrated. Add oil massage in your beauty care routine for once in a week. Coconut oil is more beneficial than any other essential oils for hair. Any other carrier oil can also be added with coconut oil such as almond oil or castor oil.

Reduce using hair dryers more often. Hair dryers soaked natural moistures from hair and leave them dry down the ends.