Skin Brightening Natural Face Masks: How To Apply

Dreaming of a bright, flawless skin? Who not so? But all of us perhaps know how laborious this could be to run a stress free, routine life to have that inner glow to the skin. Advertisement of skin brightening products are flooding everywhere. Do they really add that sheen in your skin? In majority of cases the answer is negative; thinking what to do? Turn eyes on everyday ingredients that are disseminated around you. You will find all glowing skin brightening agents within your reach.

skin-brightening-natural-face-masks-how-to-apply01.jpgNow lets’ have a look to the some natural skin brightening products all around and make use of all those.

Skin brightening by milk-honey musk

  • Milk is one of the best natural beautifying ingredients for dry skin. Dry skin roughens everyday hence lose brightness.
  • Take two tea spoon full of cold milk in a bowl.
  • Mix one spoon full of pure honey with it.
  • Lastly add few drops of lemon juice with the face pack.
  • Gently brush the face pack in your skin and let it dry in room temperature; leaving for 20 minutes is also enough to work out the face pack.
  • Rinse well with cool water.
  • If you want to use milk-honey face mask in oily skin, rinse with tepid warm water afterwards so that the grease will be removed properly from the skin.

You need not apply immediate moisturizer after this using this face pack because both milk and honey embodied extra wetness therefore soak up the skin.

Turmeric skin brightening face mask

Turmeric is the most ancient natural additive for beautification. Turmeric contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agents preventing skin inflammation, acne break outs. Natural turmeric paste has also greatly enhance skin tone.

  • Turmeric can be used as powder form or in paste. Grinding natural turmeric cloves into paste with slight water is finer than powdered one.
  • Take half table spoon full of turmeric paste.
  • Add one tea spoon lemon juice to make a fine paste.
  • Apply evenly all over the face and neck.
  • Leave 20 to 25 minutes before rinsing with normal cool water.
  • Pat dry and use slight moisture in the skiTurmeric generally color the skin a bit immediately after using; so it is best to use at night or in holidays so that you have not to go out at once after using the face mask.