Scar Treatment With Home Remedies

Scars form as a result of any sort of trauma to the dermis (the deeper layer) of the skin. When the cells of skin begin to deposit a new foundation of collagen in the wounded area, it forms scar tissue that is different from regular surface of the skin. Scar treatment is costly therefore eats up time as well. Precisely it is unsure of whether it would at all heal the scars in particular or not so here we opt to try several home remedies as scar treatment.


Fenugreek paste for scar treatment

Fenugreek bears wide reputation for aiding digestion and helping reduce inflammation in the skin, eventually leads to heal scars. The lightening effects contains in the fenugreek seeds lessen scar appearance. All you need to use fenugreek for scar treatment are …

  • Fenugreek seeds
  • A grinder to moil seeds
  • Warm water
    The best way to use fenugreek is making a paste of it in order to directly apply in the affected zone.
  1. Soak half to one tablespoon (you can increase or decrease the amount as per the spreading of scar) of fenugreek seeds.
  2. Soak in warm water overnight.
  3. The seeds turned soft and rather slimy absorbing water.
  4. Now do the grub work – make the seeds paste but ensure not to make it runny for applying in a layer over the skin.
  5. Leave for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Lemon juice for scar treatment

scar-treatment-with-home-remedies-02.jpgLemon is an all ancient natural ingredient of beautification. The main property of lemon juice is to lighten the skin tone breaking the surface of melanin underneath. Therefore you have also to be cautious enough to use lemon juice as it can irritate the skin sometimes.

  • Squeeze fresh lemon for taking juice.
  • Apply in the affected part with cotton swabs.
  • Let it dry in skin before washing off.

In case of irritation due to direct application of lemon juice, mix a few drops of water.

It would be wise not to rush for sunlight immediately after using lemon juice in your face. Exposure to sun might caught reddishness in skin tone for further irritation.

After all the above mentioned natural elements you tend to apply, patience would add benefits to scar treatment as nothing will liberate you from a scar overnight. The once damaged tissues need time to regenerate.