Rice Shampoo Benefits: Hair Repair And Rejuvenation

Rice shampoo extracted from rice water is a popular beauty trend in far eastern countries and is great in terms of effectiveness. If you are running with the trouble of damaged hair, rice shampoo package is helpful to restore in addition to adding shine and softness.


All that are needed to make rice shampoo

  •  1 cup rice
  • 2 cup water (lukewarm)
  • 1 cup liquid castile soap.
  • Essential oil – lavender/rose or any other oil of preference for fragrance (few drops).

= Remove dirt from rice by plain washing.
= Keep the rice in a bowl and pour warm water.
= Stir and cover the bowl to place in room temperature for two hours.
= Stain the rice water and mix castile soap.
= Add required drops of essential oil of your choice and stir.

The rice shampoo is ready to use! Store in a bottle either in room temperature or in refrigerator.

Rice water contains vitamins like Vitamin B, C, and E and amino acids which can help in hair regeneration. Decrease in hair shedding by using rice shampoo is also experienced.
Because of the high protein level contained in rice water, soaking in it could keep split ends away from hair.

If you look for protein supply in hair, Rice water is the best one needs to treat frizzy hair. The amino acids in the rice water fill in the gaps in your damaged hair and make them shiny and healthier as well as adding volume.

Surface friction can be minimized if you use fermented rice shampoo helping with the elasticity of hair. This makes de-tangling and brushing hair easier. Inositol present in here also helps restoring damaged hair. And most importantly, prolong usage of rice water/rice shampoo is totally safe.

Another benefit of rice shampoo is treating head lice; lice will be gone because of the starch found in rice water.