Reduce wrinkles under eyes – natural ways to work out

The surfaces under both eyes are the thinnest area of skin in the whole body therefore it is fragile and prone to form wrinkles easily. To reduce wrinkles under eyes is one of the toughest issues for beauty conscious people.

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Wrinkles under eyes can be occurred due to many causes. Over doing of eye make – up, excessive sun exposure, aging are the common factors which are responsible for under eye wrinkles.

Here we are going to show you some natural methods to reduce wrinkles under eyes. You can work it out in your private place and with ease without going elsewhere.

Vaseline, Olive Oil Mixture To Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

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  1. First of all carefully remove any sort of make – up in and around your eyes. Never rub this area with anything or press hardly. It will cause creases in that part of the area which ultimately cause wrinkles.
  2. Take a small amount of Vaseline in your palm or in a small container and add several drops of extra virgin olive oil with it.
  3. Gently mix the Vaseline and olive oil; it would turn into a thick creamy paste.
  4. Now carefully message the mixture around your eye zone; you have to message it both under your eyes and also in the lids to reduce wrinkles under eyes.
  5. Lightly message it – first message in clockwise then anti- clockwise just for a minute or so; your skin will absorb the mixture.
  6. It will be more beneficial to reduce wrinkles under eyes if you apply it in a regular basis, do it thrice in a week or every alternate day in order to reduce wrinkles under eyes quickly.

Hot Pad To Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

If wrinkles have already formed around your eyes, you have to take an extra bit of care to remove it.

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  1. Prepare the above mentioned mixture of Vaseline and extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Apply it in the wrinkled area. Now soak a soft towel or cotton pad in mild hot water.
  3. Press the cotton pad or towel upon the wrinkled area gently.
  4. Wait until your skin gets soaked with hot evaporation and the Vaseline – olive oil mixture.
  5. Do not make the pad over heated and press hardly for reducing wrinkles under eyes– it can hurt your eyes.
  6.  In case of severe wrinkle formation – apply this technique twice or thrice at a time to reduce wrinkles under eyes.
  7. Once you’re under eye skin get soaked; apply another coat of mixture and press the hot pad again.
  8. At the end, apply a thin coat of Vaseline around the eye zone before you go to sleep.

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It will accelerate the process to reduce wrinkles under eyes.