Overnight Home Treatment For Acne – Easy Solutions For Pimples

Pimples are acute infection of the outer layer of skin that tends to suppurate and leave scars at the end. When oil secretion from the sebaceous gland increases and pours out through the skin pores – it come into contact with dirt in the air and cause pus to form.

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Pimples are tenacious in nature and often contagious; a single pimple can cause the surrounding area infected and ultimately pave the way to raise more of them. It is miserable to deal with such kind of skin troubles every other day. Harsh chemical products or artificial scrubs might help you in some cases but if you crave to acquire quick solutions to manage pimples – you have to turn out to the home remedies. Here we are trying to suggest you some overnight home treatment for acne that might work wonder.

Garlic As Overnight Home Treatment For Acne

Garlic is one of the most common Indian spices which is rich in antioxidant and works as an antibacterial agent. Some simple cloves of garlic can work wonderfully well to provide you relief from acne.

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  1. Take a clove of garlic and cut into half;
  2. Rub the inside portion of the garlic upon the boil/ acne on the face; it will help the acne diminish overnight;
  3. You can either paste a little bit of garlic with several drops of water in it or apply upon the affected areas.
  4. Make sure you never use garlic paste upon your skin without mixing it with some water.

Mint As Overnight Home Treatment For Acne

Mint contains soothing menthol and works as an anti – inflammatory substance.

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  1. As an overnight home treatment for acne, take a handful of mint leaf and crush to make it paste.
  2. First apply the juice upon the affected areas with a cotton swab and then cover your skin with paste mint.
  3. Leave it for at least 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water. It will act to fade away the swelling and redness of acne overnight.
  4. Eating one small clove of garlic will also help you by purifying your blood in the long run.

Steam As Overnight Home Treatment For Acne

Steam helps to relief acne maladies quickly. By opening up the pores of skin, steam reduces the impurities that stored into the swellings of pimples.

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  1. Take a large bowl of steamy hot water and let the steam fly for a few minutes;
  2. Place your face above the bowl among steam and drape your face with a large towel so that the steam cannot fly away;
  3. Stay for 30 seconds or so, take breath and apply again;
  4. Dry your moist face in the air;
  5. You should be careful enough while applying steam because any sort of carelessness can cause burning in your skin.