Organic Botox: How to Make a Simple Botox Face Mask for removing wrinkles

Wrinkles are to be formed for omnifarious reasons in any stages of life regardless of age. After spending a certain number of ages in your life, you might have to tolerate a few wrinkles but if you take good care of your skin, wrinkles can become stuff out of reach in your everyday life and you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to purchase artificial creams; simple kitchen ingredients do provide you the wonderful result of pure organic Botox to life your skin appearance.

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Here is the build – up for one simple Botox face mask that is a reliable organic Botox to work on your skin quickly and effectively.

Ingredients of organic Botox of Botox face mask

  1. ½ ripe banana.
  2. 3 tablespoon plain yoghurt
  3. 1 tablespoon honey

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Preparation of Botox face mask

1. Crush the banana first smoothly as the first preparation of making Botox face mask. Bananas are very rich in nutrients and full of moisturizer useful and facilitates skin layer to hold up the moisture leading to wrinkle prevention thus works as a great organic Botox.
2. Add yoghurt with smashed banana. Yoghurt is the one of the primitive element of natural beautification. Plain, pure yoghurt are beneficial for stretching skin.
3. Lastly mix honey with the paste of banana and yoghurt. Honey hydrates skin naturally thus it can be used in Botox face mask for performing organic Botox as well as you can add few drops of honey in almost every face mask.
4. Apply the mixture all over your face, make a thick layer of paste upon the existing wrinkles.
5. Leave it for at least 20 minutes. If you have time in hand, leave it for 30 minutes on face.
6. First wash with lukewarm water then with normal cold water.
The immunity of an organic Botox is unquestionably far better than modern day Botox products studded with chemical elements.

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If not possible to use every day, try to apply the Botox face mask every alternate day to be rewarded with satisfying results. You can apply the Botox face mask after a day full of sun burned outdoor activities to hydrate skin naturally.
If you want to keep moisture up in your skin, try to use the organic Botox face mask once in a week. Properly nourished and moisturized skin layer prevent formation of wrinkles naturally over the period of time.