Oily skin: Natural methods to keep healthy

Oily skin tends to produce overabundance of oil which generally come out of the skin pores that makes the surface greasy and whenever this sticky surface area of skin comes in contact with air it becomes responsible for encapsulating dirt and thus get prone to produce acne easily.

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If you can manage oily skin properly, it would look nicer than any other skin type because natural oil secretion prevents forming too many wrinkles in the skin. Here we are suggesting you some natural methods to keep your precious skin healthy and glowing.

Step – 1: Washing with hot water

If your skin pours out too much oil, you have to use lukewarm water instead of cold water during cleansing. Slightly heated water has a good effect to control the extra subcutaneous activity. Rub your skin surface gently but firmly in circular motion during washing. Do not rub too hard because your skin will produce more oil in case of any overdo.

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Step 2: Make your own toner

Instead of chemical toners available in market – you can make your own natural toner at home.

lemon toner for oily skin

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Take a tea spoonful of lemon juice and add few drops of normal water in it. Take a cotton swab and dab it all around. Use it every day till you get the required benefit. Lemon juice has an astringent effect making the pores tighten up as they dry.

Peppermint toner for oily skin

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Take some peppermint in a cup and then fill it with boiling water. Steep it for 30 minutes; strain the water and let it cool. Use it with cotton swab; you can store this natural liquid astringent in the refrigerator for five to seven days.

Apple water toner for oily skin

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Apple can also be used as a base for toning of the oily skin. Take half cup of chopped apple and pour boiling hot water in it; when the pieces of apples absorb the water, mashed it and let it cool. Apply this paste as a toner after washing. Leave it for 5 minutes then wash out with lukewarm water. You can preserve this preparation in the refrigerator.

People possessing oily skin might often reluctant to apply moisturizer in the thought of that it would make their skin even greasier but that is a totally bad idea. Even the oiliest skin needs moisturizer to look at its best. Choosing oil – free moisturizer and varying the amount of application is all you need to do in these cases.