Natural Sugar Wax: How To Prepare And Use

All women have some natural body and face hair but in case of women, the hairs are thin and light in color. Waxing needs to be done in cases when hair become thick or the appearance look contrasting to the skin texture hence waxing is one of the beautifying methods for smooth skin. One can have a professional waxing in the beauty salons; nevertheless it is preferable for many people to wax at home. Here we are suggesting a natural sugar wax for better and more lasting hair removal process.

Natural sugar wax for hair removal

  • A cup of sugar;
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice;
  • ¼ cup of water;

Process of making natural sugar wax

The process of making a sugar wax is a little bit of stringy but it worth trying at home. Pour the cup of sugar in a saucepan with ¼ cup of water.

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You have to stir the sugar in the pan frequently until it get boiled and start to become thick. With the continuation of heat, the sugar will start to become caramelize. Once the caramel goes for brownish color, turn off the heat.

You can either use this hot wax (of course after little bit of cooling down otherwise the skin burns) or if you prefer a cold wax, pour the caramel in a glass container.

Natural Sugar Wax: How To Prepare And Use-03.jpg

For waxing, you can use waxing strips available in the store or a piece of good cotton fabric.

Use a pop sickle stick to spread the wax upon skin, press the cotton fabric/ wax strip over it and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Once the hair removing ends, wash with cool water. If the waxed skin become reddish or swell a bit anywhere, you can use an aloe vera gel or simply rub a cut aloe vera leaf to soothe the skin.