Natural Face Scrub: 5 Effective Natural Scrubbers

Scrubbing generally refers to deep cleansing. Through scrubbing your facial skin, you can exfoliate the dirt and dead cells that lies deep in the skin. But scrubbing should not be done frequently because it will dry up the skin which eventually leads to formation of wrinkles.


You can find out various scrubbing agents in the store but here we can inform you about some natural scrubbers which are not only easy to apply but also effective.

Crushed Rice as Natural Face Scrub

natural-face-scrub-5-effective-natural-scrubbers 02

  1. Take handful of dried rice, crushed it properly so it become granulated powder.
  2. Make paste with slight water.
  3. You can enhance the property of this scrub by mixing it with cucumber juice instead of water and a few drops of honey.
  4. Leave it in the facial skin for 10 minutes and then rinse it out with normal water.
  5. Crushed rice scrub can bring the refreshment back in the skin.

Red Lentil as Natural Face Scrub

natural-face-scrub-5-effective-natural-scrubbers 03

  1. Red lentil is a good natural scrubber. You can crush it properly and store in refrigerator for long term use.
  2. Make paste with water; adding a few drops of honey will improve the texture of the lentil scrub.
  3. Leave it in the skin for 20 minutes and wash out with lukewarm water.

This scrub provides good exfoliating agents in it and has soothing effects.

Crushed Wheat as Natural Face Scrub

natural-face-scrub-5-effective-natural-scrubbers 04

  1. Mix crushed wheat with slight water or cucumber juice;
  2. Apply it with all over your face with a foundation brush;
  3. Rinse before it become too dry to crack.

Crushed wheat scrub is more useful for too much oily skins because it contains drying agents. If you apply it in dry skin, it will produce more dryness after rinsing.

Natural Face Scrub of Ripe Banana

natural-face-scrub-5-effective-natural-scrubbers 05

  1. Smash a ripe banana and add ground sugar with it.
  2. Gently message this scrub in your facial skin for five minutes or so and then wash out.
  3. You can add few drops of honey with it to increase the moisture of the texture.
  4. Ripe banana scrub is useful to increase the moisture level of the skin.

Natural Face Scrub of Orange Peel

natural-face-scrub-5-effective-natural-scrubbers 05


  1. Dry the peels of orange in the sun and you can store it for long time to use.
  2. Crushed the dried peels so that it can make paste.
  3. Paste with water and add quarter spoon of honey with it.

Orange peel scrub has the rejuvenating effects and it can keep your skin cool.