Natural Face Moisturizer: How To Use

Skin dryness is quite bothersome; you might opt to soothe your dry skin hastily before getting locked up in cracks and wrinkles. Ending up trying lotions of various types, you can now try natural face moisturizer handy in kitchen racks or your refrigerator.

natural-face-moisturizer-how-to-use.jpg1Honey as natural face moisturizer

For over thousands of years, honey has been used in countless ways by almost every culture on earth for its numerous health and beauty benefits.

Besides containing high level of moisture, honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

For beauty purpose, honey can be used by itself or by mixing with another mask. For using as instant natural face moisturizer, apply few drops of honey through massaging in circular motion in your face. Take few drops each time and massage all through face and neck skin. Leave it for 20 minutes or any amount of time as you wish to before rinsing with normal water.

Banana as natural face moisturizer

As to treat banana for natural face moisturizer, ripe one will do the trick. Mash up the banana in your face and neck skin. If you like, add few drops of honey. Rinse after 20 minute.

natural-face-moisturizer-how-to-use.jpg2Bananas can exfoliate skin and regular using will provide a better skin complexion.

Olive oil as natural face moisturizer

The greatly invigorating Mediterranean oil is a nature’s secret to healthy life and skin. Olive oil, high in moisture and an extensive amount of skin benefits will richen your skin without making it greasy.

natural-face-moisturizer-how-to-use.jpg3Massage olive oil in dry face, neck or hand and leg skin. Give some time for making a slow, vibrant massage with olive oil upon your skin.

You need no wash after using olive oil because it will saturate within your skin after some time of application. Use as many times as necessary for moisturizing skin.