Natural face mask: How to provide moisture in skin naturally

Natural courses of taking care of one’s self is all what we look for. Taking care of skin by natural face mask is convenient for everyone. People tend to spend innumerous amount of money purchasing commercial products to get suit in skin care but hardly have they provided any cost effective result.


There are several easiest home remedies to fight all calamities come upon skin, the largest organ of human body.

Natural face mask of honey

Honey is the best moisture provided by nature; to keep away wrinkles, fine lines, the face needs to be hydrated properly and in regular basis. Honey also repair damages and rejuvenate skin.

  1. Take 1 tea spoon of organic honey;
  2. Gently massage in face and neck for several minutes;
  3. Leave it for 20 minutes;
  4. Rinse with warm water first and then wash with normal cool water.

Ripe banana natural face mask

Bananas are known to rich in anti-oxidant and contains high proportion of moisture. The moisture contained in ripe banana efficiently resurrect the skin from being blurred and dull. Adding honey with the banana mask will ensure a proper layer of moisture to be stored in the skin after using the mask.


  1. Mash a banana to make a smooth paste.
  2. Add honey and pure rose water (if possible).
  3. Apply the mask in face skin with a brush.
  4. Leave up to 20 minutes before rinsing off.

To strengthen the beneficial effect of any natural face mask, use the mask at least twice a week. A natural face mask can best be used at night, before going to sleep. Because the long resting period during sleep would rejuvenate the skin. So taking care of skin before sleep is a good practice to work with.

So, at the end of the day’s work, keep some time in your hand to look after yourself.