Natural dandruff remedies

Dandruff are the dry flakes of skin in the scalp. It is the most common and irritating problem of hair that most people suffer from. Working out some natural dandruff remedies would help you to cure dandruff at home and with much ease.

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There are basically two types of dandruff – (1) Infectious dandruff and (2) Dry scalp dandruff. Infectious dandruff needs medication and dermatological treatment.

Dry scalp dandruff is the one from which most of the people find trouble. Natural dandruff remedies are opted as solutions to cure dandruff in the dry scalp.

Natural dandruff remedies – first step

Vinegar rinse is one of the most effective natural dandruff remedies. Vinegar cleans as well as stimulates the scalp.

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  1. Mix equal parts of vinegar with water.
  2. Apply to your scalp with absorbent cotton.
  3. Leave the vinegar in the scalp for at least 15 minutes before shampooing.

Onion juice as natural dandruff remedy

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Fresh onion juice can be applied as another natural dandruff remedies.

  1. Take juicy onions and cut them into pieces;
  2. Squeeze the juices of onions into a bowl;
  3. Apply with absorbent cotton into your scalp;
  4. You can also smash several whole onions in the blender and massage it in the scalp;
  5. Leave it for 30 minutes;
  6. Rinse thoroughly.

Diet correction to work out natural dandruff remedies

In order to further correct dry scalp, see that you get plenty of unsaturated oil. You should also add vitamins A and E in your diet. Sometimes, vitamin A deficiency can cause buildup of dead skin cells. Dandruff is primarily composed of dead skin cells in the scalp. Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Phosphorus and calcium are also good nourishment for the scalp as well as the skin.

Be sure to give your scalp a daily massage. Massage would loosen up your scalp and increase blood circulation.

Aloe Vera gel – one of the fine natural dandruff remedies

The wild grass roots aloe Vera contains moist substances within its leaves that can help to glorify not only your skin but also your hair.

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  1. Break out the leaves of aloe Vera to cut out the moist part within it.
  2. Squeeze the jelly like substance properly.
  3. Apply it directly into your scalp.
  4. Leave it for an hour at least before washing.

It would be better if you avoid doing shampoo immediately. Let the jelly soak into your scalp for a day or two before rinsing it out with shampoo in order to get better result and to cure dandruff.