Natural Blackhead Treatment: How To Use Simple Home Ingredients

Blackheads – besides being a natural skin peril among teenagers and adolescents, can affect people of any age group. Blackheads form when certain pores of skin get clogged that often leads to acnes. Particularly appear in the tip of the nose, blackheads may affect a wider portion of skin therefore blackhead treatment is the prerequisite of skin care.

natural-blackhead-treatment-how-to-use-simple-home-ingredients-01.jpgHome remedies for blackhead treatment

Clean your face with normal water before applying each of the following home remedies for blackhead treatment.

Egg white for blackhead treatment

A proven remedy for removing blackheads, egg white mask tightens skin pores thus prevent formation of blackheads afterwards.

Add 1 tea spoon of honey with one egg white; the mixture will add glowing effect. Cover the area not only where blackheads present but also the surrounding part. Let it dry before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Clay mask for blackhead treatment

natural-blackhead-treatment-how-to-use-simple-home-ingredients-02.jpgBentonite clay absorbs impurities from skin; regular usage of clay mask eventually remove blackheads.

natural-blackhead-treatment-how-to-use-simple-home-ingredients-03.jpgMix water into the clay powder to make a consistent paste not runny. Apply evenly all over the face; make it dry before washing.

Lentil scrub

Crush the lentils to make powder or soak in water to make paste with it. Add pinch of turmeric in the lentil paste. Apply the mask all over face, add double layers above areas contains blackheads.

natural-blackhead-treatment-how-to-use-simple-home-ingredients-04.jpgLentil scrub needs some time to dry. Avoid talking or movement of face while the mask is on because stretching can loosen the skin as the mask is hard enough. Remove the mask spraying little water each time over the hardened mask and use massage fingers in circular motion for removing blackheads and dirt out of skin.

Apply moisturizer after using masks every time. Avoid pressing out blackheads by finger nails – it will leave permanent scars in the sensitive face skin.