Natural Acne Treatment With Mint, Lemon, Witch Hazel

Instead of running after expensive acne treatments, here are ways to learn natural acne treatment and how to get rid of this annoying trouble easily.

Natural acne treatment: Tea tree oil

natural-acne-treatment-with-mint-lemon-witch-hazel-01.jpgWith its natural anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is more effective to soothe acne than its competitive chemical substances.

Mix 2/3 drops of tea tree oil with 20 to 30 drops of witch hazel; apply with a cotton swab twice every day in the affected areas.

It would be wise if you would not apply larger amount of tea tree oil than the above recommendations because that would cause drying up of the skin surface.

Natural acne treatment: Mint

natural-acne-treatment-with-mint-lemon-witch-hazel-02.jpgThe all common cause of acne is clogged face pores with oil and dirt. Henceforth mint helps clear acne before it begins through clearing obstructed pores.

Mix two tea spoon of fresh mint paste (with little water) with one tea spoon of yogurt. Leave the mask in your face for ten minutes and then rinse with normal water.

Natural acne treatment: Witch Hazel

natural-acne-treatment-with-mint-lemon-witch-hazel-03.jpgWorks as a natural astringent which clear blemishes, witch hazel is a natural acne treatment as well.

Pour witch hazel in a cotton swab and dub in the affected areas every morning and night before going to bed.

Natural acne treatment: Lemons

natural-acne-treatment-with-mint-lemon-witch-hazel-04.jpgLemons, powerful natural anti-biotic it is, has added advantages to disinfect affected skin thus reducing the possibility of forming new acnes.

Add one tea spoon of water in one tea spoon of lemon juice, soak cotton in that and administer over the acne affected areas and surroundings.

Natural acne treatment: Apple Cider Vinegar

natural-acne-treatment-with-mint-lemon-witch-hazel-05.jpgApple cider vinegar is also greatly helpful to exfoliate skin from extra oil and dirt. Make sure to add equal proportion of water with Apple Cider Vinegar before using to avoid excessive dryness of dermis.