Nail Strengthener– 5 Elements To Work Out

nail-strengthener-5-elements-to-work-out 05A sufferer knows how annoying weak or brittle nails can be when it turns out with breaking ends or splits in every other scratch of things. Beautiful, strong nails exalt the outlook of your hands hence many go for some chemical nail hardeners which can ultimately damage the cuticles. Nail strengthener prepare at home or made by some kitchen ingredients would surely boost up your confidence level in this aspect.

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Garlic As Natural Nail Strengthener

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  1. Take a clove of garlic and rub over your nails in a regular basis; the tendency of brittleness will eventually decrease; garlic is a natural anti biotic therefore can fight with bacteria;
  2. Garlic can be used in other ways as nail strengthener. Take several cloves of garlic and grind or blend them with water to make it a thick paste;
  3. Coat the nails with this paste; you can either use it in bed times to keep longer hours or keep it at least 15 minutes or so before washing out.

Olive Oil Or Petroleum Jelly As Nail Strengthener

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This method is a fairly age old home remedy to work as nail strengthener. Take some olive oil or petroleum jelly and massage on your nails before going to bed. It will not only work as nail strengthener but also brighten the nail surface.

Vitamin E Oil As Nail Strengthener

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Vitamin E capsules are available in every drug store. Take one capsule and pour the oil in it in a container. Apply the oil with absorbent cotton pads into your nails.

If you love to take nail polish frequently, mix the vitamin E oil with the nail polish by just pouring it in nail polish container.

Gelatin As Nail Strengthener

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Gelatin is another nail strengthener which you can apply inexpensively.

  1. Boil some water to mix the gelatin;
  2. Let the mixture cool down into a comfortable stage to apply in your hands;
  3. Soak the nails in the gelatin mixture;
  4. Leave it for 7 to 10 minutes before washing.

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Mustard Oil As Nail Strengthener

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Mustard oil is very popular oil in the Indian subcontinent. The health benefits of mustard oil can be attributed to its properties as stimulant, antibacterial, antifungal and tonic substance. To use mustard oil as nail strengthener –

  1. Dip all your nails in lukewarm mustard oil;
  2. Give a proper massage with it in your leisure time so that blood circulation increases;
  3. This method will help to make your nails fit and strong gradually and protect from brittleness.

Proper Diet

Brittle nails are often the consequence of malnutrition; so it would be wise to turn your attention to the diet before applying external methods to solve the problem. Vitamin B complex is mostly beneficial in this regard; add milk, egg, liver and lentils in your diet and drink plenty of normal water to correct the dryness of nails and skin.