How to use natural ingredients to remove dark spots

Dark spots are over pigmentation of the skin on account of manifold reasons like excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, removing facial hair in artificial ways, acne marks and aging. Whatever the reasons behind formation of dark spots in the skin, it is wholly distressing. Notwithstanding anything new, multifarious unnatural methods are applied to remove dark spots.


Hereby, we can suggest some quite magnificent natural ingredients to remove dark spots effortlessly at home without costing much.

Lemon juice to remove dark spots on face

Over the decades, dermatological research shows the Vitamin C and Citric Acid present in the lemon juice are a potentially effective for bleaching that lighten skin, ultimately help to remove dark spots.

Concentrated form of lemon juice is pretty harsh, therefore should not be used solely upon skin, especially when one have sensitive skin.

You can mix equal part of water with lemon juice to remove dark spots on face. Soak a cotton ball to use the solution, leave it for at least 20 minutes before washing. It is better not to use soaps or face washes to wash after applying the lemon juice plus water pack.



Vitamin E to remove dark spots

Vitamin E oil is one of the essential ingredients in skin care products. Vitamin E oil contains the beneficial effects to reduce skin discoloration.

Vitamin E oil can be applied directly on skin without adding other ingredients. All you have to do is to poke a hole in a Vitamin E capsule, squeeze the oil in your fingertips and apply directly on the affected part to remove dark spots.


Aloe Vera to remove dark spots

Aloe Vera, the available yet a grandiose natural element having best effects upon a whole range of skin troubles. This miracle plant contains Vitamin A, B, C and E along with beta carotene to replenish skin thoroughly.

Using Aloe Vera to remove dark spots is nothing but a mere simple process to do. Cut off the skin of leaves and scratch the gel inside into a bowl. Smash it with your finger tips to facilitate application upon skin to remove dark spots.

Leave the gel for 20 minutes before washing with natural temperature water.

Being rich in moisture, Aloe Vera particularly useful for skin moisturizing. Take a little part of Aloe Vera gel into your palm, gently apply in the face like creams before going to sleep; your skin will be richly nourish overnight.