How To use Natural Elements As Deep Pore Cleanser

Hence cleansing is an essential part of skin care, deep pore cleansing is often required for the sake of healthy, bright tone removing accumulated dirt and oil under the dermis. We are here to find out for you the plain natural elements for using as deep pore cleanser.

how-to-use-natural-elements-as-deep-pore-cleanser.jpg1Egg white deep pore cleanser

  1. Beat the egg white until turning to be thin and foamy.
  2. . Include one table spoon of lemon juice and beat or blend again until finely mixed.
  3. Use a light face brush to apply the watery mixture finely all over face except the eyes.
  4. Take a facial tissue, cut out the openings of mouth – eyes, mouth, nostrils.
  5. Cover the whole face with the tissue and press gently to make it stick to the face pack.
  6. Now brush one more layer over the tissue.
  7. Let the veil to soothe in the face for 20 minute.
  8. Now tenderly peel off the face mask in an upward lift up.
  9. Wash with normal cool or tepid water.
  10. Apply moisturizer.

Green tea deep pore cleanser

Green tea along with potato juice face mask in best suitable for using in excessive oily skin. Potato juice absorbs the oil from underneath the skin layers and keep it dry for several days after using.

  1. Blend 1 table spoon of green tea/1-2 sacks for five minutes and keep the water aside.
  2. Squeeze juices from potatoes; the amount should be equal to the green tea mixture.
  3. Now mix/blend them together.
  4. Apply with a cotton ball all through the face, neck and around the eyes.
  5. Both green tea and potato juice help to reduce dark eye circles and puffiness beneath eyes.
  6. Let it dry. You can apply two/three quotes of mixture after drying each time.
  7. Rinse with normal water.

After washing, apply moisturizer all over the face, neck properly. Potato juice tend to dry out the skin.