How To Prepare Sugar Hand Mask For Hand Skin Softening

Taking care of hands may seems rather easy but basically it is tougher than taking care of face skin because hands are always exposed to water, dirt that briskly make the hand skin dry, cracked by running out of moisture. Therefore you cannot avert the everyday workload that goes atop your hands. Likewise face masks, applying hand mask also bears great importance in day to day beauty routine.

Now we are about to brief you a wonderful natural hand mask made of simple little ingredients at home. You will feel the difference once you would start to try it.

how-to-prepare-sugar-hand-mask-for-hand-skin-softening.jpg1Natural hand mask


  1. Honey.
  2. Raw sugar.
  3. Coconut oil.

Take one tea spoonful of raw sugar in a bowl. Pour coconut oil as such to make it like paste, not runny. Add one tea spoonful of pure honey.

how-to-prepare-sugar-hand-mask-for-hand-skin-softening.jpg2Stir them to make a smooth paste. Now start massaging from the middle of the back of your hands. Massage in circular motion at the back and then slowly go to fingers one by one. Carefully massage the knots in the back of the fingers. Do not forget to massage the palm. In palms of hands, massage in circular motion as well and then gradually go to fingers.

This particular hand mask also works to exfoliate because sugar scrubs hand skin in natural ways.

If you have enough time, continue the massage until sugar grains dissolve. You can also leave a quick massage for five to seven minutes.

how-to-prepare-sugar-hand-mask-for-hand-skin-softening,jpgIf your hands are over exposed to dirt and come in touch of water too frequently, your hand skin would tend to be drier than usual. In such cases, apply this hand mask once in a week.

After the massage, wash gently with normal cool water and apply moisturizer cream. Avoiding hot water contact is useful for not making hand skin dry more quickly.