How To Prepare Scar Removal Homemade Gel For Dry Skin

Scar removal ensues to be a great worrisome task for whoever in suffering of this trouble. Acne scar, blemishes, sun marks are all familiar cases to many. Whatever might be the reason behind the formation of blemishes, all you crave is to eradicate the trouble as soon as possible.

how-to-prepare-scar-removal-homemade-gel-for-dry-skin-01.jpgNow how it sounds to have a homegrown product in reach to take out this unwanted skin problem?

To talk about a complete natural remedy, we are here working with coconut oil and Aloe Vera gel; all these ingredients are commonly used in beauty regimens and products across ages.

The great Aloe Vera has all the beneficial effects you can pick up (find out more information), upon the skin from soothing sun burns to erase blemishes. It would eventually calm irritating, allergic skin. And to be said about added advantage, the moisture contained in this desert grown plant hydrates skin from inside.

So, let us take a look on the arrangement of how we could assemble this gel for removing scars.

how-to-prepare-scar-removal-homemade-gel-for-dry-skin-02.jpgScar removal homemade gel

  • Organic Coconut oil – 1 cup
  • Raw Aloe Vera Gel – 1 cup
  • Rose oil – 5/6 drops

Take the coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel in a large mixing bowl. Stir comprehensively till the mixture shapes in a smooth, fine texture. Add rose oil for further soothing and aroma.

This gel can be stored for weeks in room temperature, away from light.

Apply the gel after showering or before going to bed (don’t forget to wash your face first, it would be nice to throw several splashes of water in face skin while washing because it would open up the pores).

This scar removal gel is primarily suitable in dry skin. In case of oily skin, coconut oil might grease your skin more and it would be difficult to clean later on. Applying oily substances in oily skin might in some cases can evoke acnes as well.