How To Make Simple Face Toner For Everyday Use

Well, we all know toning is decisive in skin care. Now the question is how frequently toning should be done and what face toner usually helps best? Among multi leveled toners displayed at the store racks, which one to choose? It might be a tough job indeed! I, myself, would go for a homemade face toner to safeguard my skin from exposure to chemical ingredients.

Elements to prepare homemade face toner

  • Witch hazel.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Essential oils.
  1. Take half cup of witch hazel and fill a 4 ounce bottle with it.
  2. Fill the bottle with ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil.

Add recommended drops of essential oils in the mixture;
– 4 drops of rose oil.
– 3 drops of lavender oil.
– 3 drops of cypress oil
Shake the bottle well to complete a fine homemade face toner.

When to use face toner

how-to-make-simple-face-toner-for-everyday-use-02.jpgToning is the last step of cleansing. Remove every trace of make up with coconut oil or cleansing milk. In case of very oily skin, coconut oil is not recommended to use because that would cause extra greasiness and clog pores.

After removing make up or if you are at home, cleanse the face with face wash. Pat dry your face and apply the toner.

It would be convenient to store the toner in a spray bottle, a few strokes of spray would help to restore the balance of your skin.

how-to-make-simple-face-toner-for-everyday-use-03.jpgOr apply the toner with cotton swab evenly all along face. This toner is to be used once in a day either after the morning refreshment wash or after the whole long day when you wash your face before going to bed.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that help to minimize skin pores, skin irritations and refresh naturally.

Vitamin E is an all-time friendly beauty care to reduce wrinkles, dark spots and sun blemishes. Vitamin E oil is said to regenerate skin cells thus speed the healing process.