Home Acne Treatment: 4 Natural Packs To Remove Acne

Acne is undoubtedly one of the most lingering skin problems for almost all ages of men and women. Acne leaves the skin with marks, spots, irritations, scars and thus all sorts of troubles which is really hard to remove. So it is wiser to try to prevent acne from the beginning of the eruption.


You can find a various range of products in the store to prevent acne or to minimize its effects but here we are trying to provide you some of the methods of home acne treatment to prevent eruptions of acne or at least to control the eruptions.

Home Acne Treatment by Neem pack

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  1. Neem pack is the most useful natural beauty product to control and prevent acne. You can measure it as one of the best home acne treatment. Here are some of the tips about how you can use neem leaf in these cases.
    1. Take a handful of neem leaf and blend with small amount of water so that it becomes a soft paste.
    2. Apply it all over your acne marks.
    3. You must carefully avoid your eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes from this pack; neem leaf cause burning sensation in eyes.
    4. Leave it for twenty minutes and rinse with lukewarm water at first and then normal cool water.
    5. You can use this paste thrice a week.

Mint Leaf Paste For Home Acne Treatment

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1. Mint leaf is another product to tame acne naturally. Paste mint leaf with adequate water;
2. Make a thin paste which is not watery.
3. Apply it upon the acne marks and slightly surrounding the acne prone area.
4. You can apply it at night and leave overnight and wash in the morning.

Black Pepper As Home Acne Treatment

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1. Black pepper is an uncommon product to use as it is very rough in taste and smell. But black pepper soothes your acne if you can use it properly.
2. Crush 3 – 4 black peppers so that it becomes fine powders.
3. Take a few drops of rose water to mix in it so that the powdered becomes moist and soaked.
4. Apply it just upon the acne; you should carefully avoid the eye contact in this case.
5. Leave it for twenty minutes or so.
6. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
7. Use this mask in every alternate day.


Garlic paste As Home Acne Treatment

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1. Take a garlic and crush it to squeeze a few drops of juice;
2. Apply it directly just upon the acne.
3. You can take a garlic, cut it and rub the inside of a garlic upon the acne; it will remove the swellings of acne and prevent further infection.