Hair Regrowth: Food For Your Hair

Do you know that your hair structure and composition is derived from the foods you eat? That’s right! Each strand grows from, and is nourished by, the hair follicle (or root) which picks up the vital nutrients it needs for life and growth from your bloodstream. So diet is one of the essential components for hair regrowth.

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Just as a plant derives its nourishment from water and soil, so your hair depends on nutrients from your blood stream. No doubt you have noticed that when you are ill, your hair seems sick too. The quality of its sheen and suppleness is determined primarily by its health, and therefore yours. It is highly suggestible that you have to maintain healthy eating for hair regrowth and afterwards maintain the quality and texture of your hair.

Here we can provide you some additional foods that promote growth of hair; it is a fine recipe to take because nutrients that come from inside is the best to serve for your health and works for hair regrowth.

The vitality cocktail For Hair Regrowth

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Here is a secret recipe of vitality; we can term it as vitality cocktail.
• 1 cup low – fat milk.
• 3 full tablespoon of wheat germ.
• 1 raw egg.
• 2 ½ teaspoon powdered flavor (such as chocolate or strawberry).
• Mix all the above ingredients and drink immediately.

The cocktail is delicious, nutritious and low in calories. It will not only boost your energy level but also helps to build up the hair follicles that lead to hair regrowth. Fertile egg and raw milk are nature’s finest foods and should be substituted whenever possible for pasteurized or heat – treated milk and boiled eggs.

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In order to get healthy hair, you have to take adequate proteins which can be either vegetable protein such as lentils and Soya or it could be animal protein like chicken, egg, low fat dairy products (milk, cheeses and yogurt).

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Iron deficiency can lead to fall of excessive hair. Iron deficiency among men can even cause baldness. So you have to ensure that you have no hemoglobin deficiency. In order to avoid extra cholesterol, you can build up the habit of taking vegetables contain lots of iron such as dried fruits, red leaf etc. Sufficient amount of Iron intake will help in hair regrowth.

• If you have the problem of excessive dry hair – drink more and more. The most effective drink is undoubtedly pure water. Drink as much pure water as you can every day.

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• If you are accustomed of taking tea or coffee in everyday basis, try to take green tea because green tea is beneficial for health of hair as well as your skin.