Foot Bath: Necessity & Procedure

People snicker when you mention a ‘foot bath’. It never used to be that way, and it still isn’t in many parts of the world. Go back to biblical days – the washing of the feet after a long day’s work or journey and the smoothing with oils. It was a ritual. Spiritually it worked and physically it worked because it revived and stimulated the feet as well as the brain.

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Your daily shower or bath does offer some comfort, but overtired, ailing feet need something extra. Regular foot bath bring the best results to aching muscles, nerves, bones and skin.

Special Foot Bath

In your daily shower or bath, give your feet as much attention as you give other parts of the body. Keep a stiff brush handy to cleanse all over the foot. It is a good time to soften calluses with a pumice stone. Rub in a gentle, circular motion.

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Be sure to dry your feet well, especially between the toes. Spray the feet with cologne, foot powder or medicated preparation if needed.

The Hot And Cold Foot Bath

The hot and cold foot bath is an excellent way to relieve tired, aching feet. It takes but a few minutes and leaves you feeling like a new person.

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Take two buckets of water; one contains hot water and another cold. Place your feet in the hot water bucket first and keep for thirty seconds and then place it immediately in the cold water bucket to keep for another thirty seconds. Alternate the process for several minutes.

If you have hot and cold water tap in your bath, you can take this foot bath just by sitting on a chair or simply sitting on the tub’s rim. Turn on the hot water and place your feet under it for thirty seconds – turn off the hot water and let the cold splash over your feet for thirty seconds.

The Therapeutic  Foot Bath

The therapeutic bath helps relieve the discomforts caused by corns, calluses or just plain aching, tired feet.

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Soak your feet for several minutes in a specially formulated foot bath powder or a homemade preparation of water mixed with a handful of baking soda, Epsom salt or plain coarse salt. Give them a brush or pumice treatment.

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A foot bath does not always require special preparation. Rain water and stream water are excellent for natural foot bath which soothe and smooth your feet.