Facial Hair Removal: Nature’s Way Of Trying Out

Growing facial hairs among women submerged with atypical reasons like increasing volumes of testosterone hormone, rise of puberty, and hormonal changes in different stages of life and so on. Contemporary treatment of facial hair removal subsists laser ray application, chemical waxing using facial hair removal creams/greases all of which can erect bizarre side effects upon the skin later on like skin damage, changing of skin tone and sagging out skin.

facial-hair-removal-natures-way-of-trying-out.jpg01Now, dealing with other options in hand, you can consider natural ingredients for facial hair removal rather safely. We are, therefore, submitting a nature’s way of removing facial hair in this post.

Oatmeal – honey facial hair removal mask

  • 1 table spoon powdered oatmeal;
  • 2 table spoon honey
  • 2 table spoon lemon juice;

Crush the powdered oatmeal further if needed to make a thick paste with honey and lemon juice.

With a convenient brush, apply the mask in the desired area (where you need to remove the facial hairs).

Leave the mask for 20 minutes. Once it get quite dry out, gently massage from the opposite direction of hair growth to remove the dry out mask. Avoid rubbing vigorously to prevent scratching in the skin.

facial-hair-removal-natures-way-of-trying-out.jpg02Once the dried freckles of the mask shed from the skin, wash with tepid water. Apply moisturizer after pat dry your face.

Apply the face mask two to three times a week in the initial stage to lighten hairs; afterwards, work it out regularly once in a week or thrice in a month.

All kind of face masks, generally, do not suit in all types of skins. You can try to make it work out once, revealing any sort of irritations should be taken into account. It’s also true that using a natural face mask for a twice or thrice might naturally clear away the primary irritation.

In case of persistent irritation after using any face mask, immediately stop trying.