Extreme acne treatment for dry skin: Homemade cure

Acne is unquestionably the most crimping beauty hazard one can face. According to a research, 50% of adult women and 25% of adult men suffer from acne and acne related problem around the world. Study in America shows, US Citizens spend 1.4 billion$ a year to buy acne curing products yet hardly find relief in drug store materials. Leaving dead cells behind after pipping of pimples here and there left spots and scars. In case of extreme acne treatment, a sufferer generally looks for home remedies to cure acne scars.


This article might suggest a homemade remedy for extreme acne treatment to cure acne scars in gradual process. All the same you will be happy to know that this remedy is made of all simple elements (leaving out harsh chemical ingredients name that you might pronunciate in the drug store remedies).

Extreme-acne-treatment-for-dry-skin-homemade-cure 4

Ingredients and amount

Lavender essential oil – 10 drops
Tea Tree essential oil – 10 drops
Lemon essential oil – 10 drops
Coconut oil ¼ cup

Extreme-acne-treatment-for-dry-skin-homemade-cure 2

How to prepare the solution

  • Heat the coconut oil first; 10 to 14 seconds in the microwave will be done.
  • Take an air – tight bottle or jar to contain the solution.
  • Mix all the essential oils with it.
  • Stir properly and
  • Place in the refrigerator.
  • Keeping in the refrigerator will harden the coconut oil; in that case leaving the jar or bottle in the room temperature will soften it down after a while.

How to use

  • Soak a cotton swab into the solution.
  • Dab it proportionately. Squeeze extra liquid from the cotton swab.
  • Press the soaked cotton swab upon required places to cure acne scars for extreme acne treatment.

To cure acne scars in the process of extreme acne treatment, you can apply this mixture of essential oils twice daily.

  • Before going to bed, wash your face with clean water only, dry your face and then apply the mixture in the above mentioned procedure.
  • Leave it overnight for best possible results in extreme acne treatment to cure acne scars.
  • You can also apply it at any convenient time in the afternoon hours as well.

To be noted, essential oils like lavender oil and tea tree oil needed for extreme acne treatment in order to cure acne scars can be found in drug stores. You can also buy authorized products from Amazon.