Dry brittle hair: How to reduce damage

Dry brittle hair can ruin a good hairstyle, therefore the ultimate look of a person. Hair, when extorted too much dryness, either from the surrounding environment due to exposure of dust and sunlight, or for any inner physical cause, tends to become brittle. On the other end, people who possess dry hair generally also go through hair damage in the form of breakage or split ends.


To solve troubles caused by dry brittle hair, here are some suggested hair masks that would quicken the fixation of split ends and breakages.

Olive oil and yolk musk for dry brittle hair

The simple kitchen ingredients of some olive oil and several egg yolks can superbly manage and cure dry brittle hairs.

• Yolks of two eggs
• Olive oil – 4 table spoon

Whisk the egg yolk in a clean bowl, add two tablespoon of olive oil – whisk again. This musk should be applied in a clean hair.

Use a soft brush or your finger tips to apply the musk in the hair strands and roots as well. Spread properly; leave the hair musk for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

After washing out, do not rub dry hair with towel because it can cause more dryness. Just dab it softly.

In case of severely damaged dry brittle hair, it is firstly needed to be carefully trimmed. Split ends tends to be lighter in color than normal hair.

Using conditioner could help to reduce dryness of hair. Instead of artificial conditioner, it is useful to use natural conditioner.


Natural conditioner for dry brittle hair

• Mix 3 table spoon of lemon juice with necessary amount of water to give a single rinse to washed hair.
• Do not apply lemon conditioner to the roots of hair, applying only in the strands is enough for conditioning hair.
• Tea licqur is another good natural conditioner for any kind of hair.
• Boil some tea leaf in the water.
• Make the licqur cool enough before applying in the hair.
• Any sort of hot application cause more dryness in hair, therefore hair would become frizzy