Clear Blackheads With Home Elements

Blackheads – the blocked skin pores with dirt and oils that hardened like tiny tilted shells pops out in the outer layer lay the beauty and health of skin on line. Blackheads, once started forming is hard to be erased if not taken proper care of regularly. Here we are going to pen down some homemade masks to clear blackheads.


Egg white and honey mask to clear blackheads

Formation of black heads are prominent when one have usually larger pores because wide pore mouths attract more dirt and secret more oil from inside. Egg white is a natural element to tighten pores.

  • 1 egg white
  • ½ tea spoon honey
  • ¼ teaspoon lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl; apply the mask with a brush. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes or until the mask feels dry in the face. The egg white, when become dry, stretch in the skin.

Green tea mask to clear blackheads

Amongst manifold uses and beneficiaries of green tea, removing blackheads is one of the prime beauty care usages of it.


  • Half tea spoon Green tea leaf
  • Olive oil (as necessary)
  • Coffee (optional)

Get some green tea leaf (green tea bag leftovers or other ways), add olive oil in drops to make a thick paste. You can also add a little amount of grounded coffee with it.

Apply the mixture with a brush in the skin and leave for approximately 15 minutes.

When the mask dries, wash with lukewarm water first follows by normal water.

Rub an ice cube in the face skin lately; it will help tightening the skin pores. Besides cleaning pores, green tea leaf will repair skin pores, minimizes them to prevent formation of too many blackheads in coming days.

Adding coffee in the mask would double the cleansing effect by scrubbing the skin pores from deeper level.