Best Toner: Rose Petals and Aloe Vera Gel

Amidst the highest prerequisites of skin care, toning is placed in second after cleansing and before moisturizing. A best toner leads to the utmost maintaining of skin health and thus keeps the balance of skin dermis.

If you are not willing to let your eyes precisely roam around store shelves full of thousands of toning products, here we can suggest two most wonderful natural toners – that of rose water and aloe vera gel.

Now let us check how to prepare a naturally best toner with above mentioned elements.


Rose – Aloe best toner

  • Scrape fresh gel from aloe vera leaf;
  • Collect some fresh rose petals, wash it off.
  • Blend the rose petals and aloe vera leaf with slight amount of water (as necessary);
  • The forth that come out in blending is the best toner emerged from natural ingredients.

Pour the mixture in a glass spray bottle and refrigerate for using up to several weeks. Spray the toner once every day after the thorough cleansing; gently spread all over the face before applying moisturizer.

The exotic fragrance of rose petals refresh skin as well as cleanse from inside the dermis. Rose petals have the quality to fade skin blemishes and exfoliate skin from inside.

best-toner-rose-petals-and-aloe-vera-gel-02.jpgOn account of aging factors and things like weather, pollution, the face and other body parts start sagging with the time and show formation of wrinkles. Toners are used to clean the dirt and oil from the skin. Using toners cause skin feel tighter and fresh.

Toning, therefore, is important for both men and women as it is the protective step after thorough cleansing. Skin shows the health and glaze as toners keeps pores clean facilitating the breathing and provide nourishment.

However, if your skin is extremely dry or have tendencies to skin troubles, you should avoid toning.