Best Natural Face Toner: Rose Water, How To Prepare And Use

Every one of us carry the beauty routine of cleaning face skin in regular basis no matter what go through the day. But the question is does simple cleaning can complete the act of cleansing properly to conserve the skin from impurities? Well, you may have heard about face toner. What does a face toner deem to do even after cleaning the skin?

best-natural-face-toner-rose-water-how-to-prepare-and-use-jpg1The function of a face toner is, nonetheless, to fulfill the cleansing of your skin, removing the dust, tents of pollutants that can still be there after cleaning.

However, drug stores and beauty shops can showcase a hundred range of face toner to cool down your clamor but here we are letting you know how to prepare a totally natural face toner.

Rose water face toner

Rose water serve as the most wonderful face toner you could ever find in the drug store with its all natural fragrance and soothing elements. Rose water can be used as the astringent for normal to dry skin. Just dip a cotton ball into rose water and rub it in your skin.

Adding rose water in the bathwater or rinsing hair with rose water after shampooing would put you in catchy fragrance all through the day. The fragrance of rose has relaxing effect upon body and mind as well.

best-natural-face-toner-rose-water-how-to-prepare-and-use-jpg2Using natural rose water as face toner would unclog pores and remove make up dirt as well.

How to make rose water face toner

  • 1 cup (or more) fresh rose petals.
  • A mason jar with lid
  • 1/3 cup witch hazel.
  • 3 cups normal water.
    Place the rose petals in the Mason jar. Take a measuring cup and combine witch hazel and water.
    Pour the liquid over the rose petals in the Mason jar to completely sink the petals. Put the lid lightly and keep the Mason jar in a place which will not be under direct sunlight for about two weeks.

Do not put it in the fridge.

best-natural-face-toner-rose-water-how-to-prepare-and-use-jpg3After two weeks, sort out the rose petals and pour the rose water in another clean mason jar.

By storing this homemade rose water in a cool, dry place, you can use it as needed. The rose water would be fine for 2/3 weeks in normal room temperature although refrigerating the liquid could serve the purpose longer.