Best Hand Moisturizer for Dry Skin: All Natural Oils and Creams

The tone and nature of hand skin is one of the integral part of bodily beauty for women. Meanwhile hand skin are tend to be more easily dried and cracked because of loads of everyday work to do. On the other hand, skin in hand are also exposed to frequent splash of water while washing and other stuff. You need not to worry from now as nature can provide best hand moisturizer for dry skin.


Proper care of hands should be taken regularly to avoid permanent crease of skin and premature aging of hand skin.

Oils as best hand moisturizer for dry skin

Oils are most ancient and proven method as one of the best hand moisturizer for dry skin. Any kind of oil may serve the purpose but some oils are decidedly more beneficial effects than others such as olive oil and coconut oil. If you want to use coconut oil, add few drops of water with it.


  • Take few table spoons of olive/coconut oil.
  • Heat the oil to make it warm, not hot (30 seconds of heat in microwave oven can do).
  • Start massaging from the back of your hands and then go to fingers.
  • Massage palms of hand in circular motion.
  • In the beginning stage of oil massage, you need to do 8 to 10 minutes of massage, once daily.
  • Gradually you can decrease the amount and duration of massage as your hands become less dry.

Milk cream and flour as best hand moisturizer for dry skin

Due to high in fat content, milk cream provide instant moisturizer in any part of the body. Milk cream instantly leave skin softer than before and maintain the PH level as well. The lactic acid present in the milk cream naturally exfoliate dry skin cells.


  • Take some fresh cream; mix one or two tea spoon of gram flour to make a smooth paste.
  • Massage gently in your hands starting from the back of the hand and then move towards fingers and palms gradually.
  • After the massage, wash with lukewarm water.
  • You may also apply only fresh cream in your hands if you find gram flour too sticky to deal with.
  • This mask will nourish extremely rough skin due to sun exposure, over work and constant washing of hands.
  • If your hands are too rough, apply this massage daily for several weeks.
  • Once you get the desired result, you can happily apply it for once in a week.