Skin Cleanliness: First Step to Retain Beauty

Skin cleanliness, the first and primary step towards retaining beauty. Unclean skin and hair do not suit to any beauty products. So you have to look after in everyday cleanliness – all this things require some time of your own. Here we can give you some simple tips of regular cleaning which can be done in everyday basis.

10 Simple Steps of Skin Cleanliness:

10 Tips for Skin Cleanliness: First Step to Retain Beauty

  1. Washing is the first step of skin cleanliness. Wash your face with normal cool water whenever you need it without any face wash or scrub. Simple washing can erase the extra dirt and grease that layer upon your skin.
  2. In course of your skin cleanliness procedure, avoid too much or frequent using of face wash or scrubs will roughen your skin slowly and take away the natural secretion of oil from the skin. It will gradually dry your skin and produce wrinkles.
  3. According to the beauticians, you can use face wash for cleanliness of skin once daily in case you have natural dry skin. Naturally oily skin attracts dirt more often and it requires more washing. In oily skin face wash can be applied not more than twice daily.
  4. 10-tips-for-skin-cleanliness-first-step-to-retain-beauty 02Squeeze a small amount of face wash every time – excessive applications of face wash will take away the natural oils from the skin.
  5. Glycerin based soaps and face washes are more suitable for any type of skin to maintain overall cleanliness of skin.
  6. Bathing everyday will remove not only dirt from your body but also soothe the body. Select bathing soap according to your skin type. You can use soap for cleaning dry skin in every alternate day.
  7. When you opt for a simple but deep cleansing, you can use lukewarm water; it helps to open up the pores and clean it deeply. But hot water should not be applied in facial skin as it can cause skin irritation.
  8. 10-tips-for-skin-cleanliness-first-step-to-retain-beauty 03Use fingertips for messaging softly and in a circular motion to use any face wash or cleanser in the skin. Never press hardly in the face because facial skin is more sensitive than other parts of the body skin. If you have acne, messaging hard will make scars in the acne.
  9. Fragrance free soaps and face washes are better for skin cleanliness because chemical substances are added for the extra fragrance which can cause facial skin irritation for sensitive skins.
  10. Do not rub your skin hardly with towel; pat gently or if you can allow the tinged water in the face after washing to dry in natural air, it will do better at the end.